Crazy Tuesdays

All Tuesdays are crazy Tuesdays! Children's tickets prices for everybody!

On Tuesdays tickets in all our cinemas are available at incredible discounts for Cinema Club members! No matter how old you are – on that day, children’s ticket prices apply for you to all sessions, in all auditoriums, and even in the A. Le Coq Suite, except for special events.

Ticket prices on Crazy Tuesday:

Crazy Tuesday Coca-Cola Plaza Centrum  
2D movies 4,30€ 3,90€  
3D movies 4,70€ 4,40€  
iSense 2D/3D 5,30€/5,70€ -  
Luxe 2D/3D 5,60€/6,00€ -  
A Le Coq Suite 9€ -  


Discounted tickets can be purchased through our website, from the ticket booths in all our cinemas and by using the app. 

To be a member of the Cinema Club, please join HERE! Joining the club is easy and completely free!

The Crazy Tuesday is not held on public holidays.

See you at the cinema on Tuesday!

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