Forum Cinemas OÜ

Our vision: To be the most popular and best cinema chain in Europe.
Mission: To offer inspirational cinema experience to all our guests.
Values: Joy and passion, quality and service, reliability and respect, cooperation and responsibility.

Forum Cinemas OÜ is cinema operator in Estonia, whose cinemas include Coca-Cola Plaza in Tallinn, Ekraan in Tartu and Centrum in Viljandi. Until the summer of 2013, the company operated the cinema Kosmos in Tallinn as well as until the spring of 2016 the company operated the cinema Astri in Narva. In 2018, a new cinema will be opened in Eedeni Keskus Shopping Mall in Tartu.

Forum Cinemas has made large investments into increasing the quality of cinemas in Estonia throughout the years – cinema Ekraan in Tartu underwent complete renovation programmes in the course of which the cinema gained one auditorium and the newest cinema equipment corresponding to modern requirements. The pride of Estonian cinemas is the entertainment complex Coca-Cola Plaza in Tallinn with 11 cinema auditoriums. The complex was opened in March 2011. 

In October 2008, Forum Cinemas was the first to bring 3D-technology to Estonia, to the cinema of Coca-Cola Plaza. On April 1st 2010, 3D-technolgy reached the cinema Ekraan in Tartu, where Southern Estonian cinema fans get to enjoy 3D films in the largest auditorium of Ekraan, and in the spring of 2011.

Today, the company that was founded in 1993 holds the distribution rights of the production of the film companies Paramount and Universal in Estonia. In addition to motion pictures, Forum Cinemas was the first in Estonia in 2008 to screen live broadcasts of the operas of the Metropolitan Opera in New York in a cinema; in 2009, the company also started broadcasting the shows of the London National Theatre in the cinemas of Forum Cinemas all over Estonia, and in 2010, the ballet of the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow was added to the list of live broadcasts.

Forum Cinemas OÜ is part of the Finnish cinema operator, Finnkino Group. In turn that is part of the Odeon Group which, since March 2017, has been owned by the US cinema chain, AMC. AMC is the largest cinema chain in the United States, with its shares being publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Finnkino Group operates cinemas under the name of Finnkino in Finland and under the trademark of Forum Cinemas in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In addition to operating cinemas, Finnkino also distributes films in Finland and in the Baltic States. 

Today, Forum Cinemas employs approximately 120 people, including many young people who are offered a chance to obtain valuable work experience while acquiring higher education.