Buying or reserving tickets online

How to get started

Tickets can be purchased at ticket store by all Cinema Club members and non-members. If you are not already registered, do so now: joining is free for everyone and gives you many more benefits besides buying and booking tickets. Read more here.

To buy tickets, first log in to our website. If you do not remember your username and/or password, click here .
Tickets can be paid for at Swedbank, SEB, Luminor and LHV Pank online bank, as well as with e-gift vouchers and paper gift vouchers.

When you buy cinema tickets online, you can subscribe to a free mobile SMS notification with your ticket purchase number, movie date, time, and movie name.

Forgot password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the log in fields and you can see the Forgot password link there or click here ». You shall receive a new, computer-generated password by e-mail. You can exchange it for a more suitable one once you have logged on to My page.


To register as a Forum Cinemas Club Member, click on the Register link that you can find in the upper part of the site, next to log in fields, or click here. Fill in your details and choose your user name and password.
Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*).
If you don't have an Estonian ID-code or don't want to share it then leave this field empty. Please take note that accounts without an ID-code and which haven’t been used for 6 months will be deleted.
Username must be at least 3 characters long and may contain only latin letters and numbers.
Your password protects your user profile, your details, your tickets and vouchers. Please choose a strong password to be safe!
To complete registration, accept the terms and conditions and submit the form by clicking on the Register button. You are done and ready to start buying or reserving tickets!
You also have access to your My page now. On My page, you can find information about your tickets, reservations and transaction. You can also edit your details, newsletter subscriptions, change password etc there. 

Buy tickets

In order to purchase tickets, first select a movie and showtime. There are several methods to do this, for instance:
- Click on Buy tickets link or Select events list on the uppermost part of the site
- Via Movies or Tickets sections in the main navigation bar
- By clicking on the show time wherever you see one
- …or click here »
When you have picked the show, choose the amount of tickets you want and select your seats.
Remember to check carefully that all your selections are correct: movie, cinema, date and time! Purchased tickets cannot be refunded!
You can also add tickets to other shows into your shopping cart within the same transaction!
Pay for your tickets via Internet bank or with e-vouchers.
You can pay for tickets with e-vouchers that you have purchased beforehand or with paper vouchers.
Once starting making the Internet bank payment your shopping cart can't be edited any more. The transaction can only be finished or cancelled.
After successful payment, you will see your invoice and you will be able to print your tickets. Invoice and tickets are also sent to your email address.
You can also order a text message (free of charge) with your invoice number, date, movie and show time.
Invoice and tickets can also be found on My page.
If you don’t have a printer available, write down the invoice number and collect your tickets at the cinema box office or ticket ATM situated in the lobby.

Reserve tickets

In order to reserve tickets first select the show, you wish to reserve tickets to (the same routine as in buying tickets).
In the ticket amount selection window choose the Reserve tickets tab. Proceed to choose seats and confirm your reservation.
Please pay attention to the release time of the reservation: it is the latest time you can redeem your tickets!
Redeem your reserved ticket at the cinema box office or online through My page. For redeeming reserved tickets at the box office, please bring the reservation number with you.
Purchase e-Vouchers
Buy e-vouchers through My page or click here »
One e-voucher can be used for paying for one movie ticket. E-vouchers cannot be printed!
Please read about e-Voucher terms and conditions here.

Failed transactions

Sometimes errors may occur during transactions. If there is a problem with a transaction before you have proceeded to payment, please start again.
In case you have completed the payment but did not get confirmation of the transaction, the transaction may still be finished successfully. If so, you can find your tickets on My page or you have received confirmation of your purchase by e-mail.
If no trace of invoice or tickets can be found, please find out from your web bank account if the payment sum has been withdrawn. If not, then start buying again.
If the sum was withdrawn from your bank account and you did not receive tickets, the transaction has failed.
Transactions may fail for instance if the 15 minute time reserved for paying the shopping cart has passed, or if a network connection was lost.
In case of a failed transaction, please send an e-mail to  We will reimburse the paid sum to your bank account based on the information on the form. You should receive the reimbursement to your bank account in about a week. To get your tickets please purchase them again online or at the cinema box office.
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