Tulnukas 2 ehk Valdise tagasitulek 17 osas

Tulnukas 2 ehk Valdise tagasitulek 17 osas

1h 39min  |  Comedy  |  Release Date: 01.04.2024

Estonian cult classic 'Tulnukas' returns with a sequel this April.

"Alien or: Valdis' Escape in 11 Chapters" ("Tulnukas ehk Valdise pääsemine 11 osas"), director Rasmus Merivoo's 20-minute thesis film, quickly became a cult classic in Estonia upon its release in 2006. Merivoo has announced the return of Valdis with a sequel in theaters April 1.

Announcing the sequel during the Estonian Film Institute (EFI) press day,, Merivoo said that "Alien or: The Return of Valdis in 17 Chapters" takes place 20 years after aliens abducted the titular character.

"Life in town has changed a lot in the meantime," he confirmed.

Rife with tracksuits and profanity, the original "Alien or: Valdis' Escape in 11 Chapters" was filmed by Merivoo as his final bachelor's thesis at Tallinn University.

"Alien" featured now seasoned actors including Ott Sepp and Märt Avandi, who had starred in the feature-length comedy "Malev" – likewise a cult classic – the year before.

Produced by Tallifornia ("Chasing Unicorns," 2019, "Kratt," 2020), the sequel will see several actors from the original reprise their roles, including Avandi and Sepp.

"Alien 2" ("Tulnukas 2") hits theaters in Estonia on April 1.


Distributor: Tallifornia
Director: Rasmus Merivoo
Cast: Märt Avandi, Ott Sepp, Vallo Kirs, Liisa Pulk, Kaia Skoblov, Tõnn Lamp, Indrek Ojari, Ago Anderson, Marek Tammets, Indrek Taalmaa, Merle Jääger



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