Taxi Driver

1h 53min  |  Drama, Crime  |  Release Date: 02.11.2016

On 2 November, the exceptional Robert De Niro is stepping onto our cinema screens in director Martin Scorsese’s famous tough thriller, ‘Taxi Driver’, also starring young Jodie Foster. ‘Taxi Driver’, which premiered in 1976, has been classed as one of the best and most significant movies in the history of film.

The session at Coca-Cola Plaza will be opened by a great fan of the masterpiece, the film critic Ralf Sauter. The session at Ekraan Cinema will be opened by Andres Kauts, Elektriteater’s visionary and a firm film fan.

The opening session is being screened at crystal-clear 4K resolution. In the capital, there will be an additional session on Wednesday evenings throughout November. At Ekraan Cinema, the film is exclusively screened on 2 November only.

Travis Bickle (De Niro) is a mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran who is working as a taxi driver at night. The violence and decline which is prevalent in New York weigh down so much on Travis’ psyche so that the man is prepared to commit violent acts. Meeting an underage prostitute launches a chain of unforeseen events with an unexpected and violent culmination for Travis.

All films that are to be screened during the course of the CINEMA CLASSICS series have been digitally restored. They will be displayed using, at least, 2K resolution and high-quality 5.1 sound.

NB: The film is being screened in the English language without subtitles.

Distributor: Park Circus
Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Albert Brooks



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