Arthur and the Minimoys

Arthur and the Minimoys

1h 42min  |  Family  |  Release Date: 16.03.2007

Opening, set in 1960, thrusts us into the rambling Connecticut home of young Arthur's (Freddie Highmore) kindly grandmother (Mia Farrow). Arthur is obsessed with the illustrated diary of African travels penned by his grandfather Archibald (Ron Crawford), who vanished without a trace four years earlier.

Reality knocks on the door when a ruthless developer (Adam LeFevre) presents deep-in-debt granny with papers making him the property owner. Arthur realizes that if he's able to retrieve a cluster of rubies his grandfather's diary claims is somewhere in the land of the tiny Minimoys, his granny can buy back her home.

With the aid of African tribesmen who suddenly appear on the night of a new moon, Arthur is able to descend into the "seven kingdoms" of the Minimoys. Arthur himself must pass through a metallic iris that transforms him into a minuscule kid with punkish hair, and then is brought to the court of the king (Robert De Niro).

Distributor: Forum Cinemas AS - ESTONIA



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