Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane

1h 47min  |  Action-Thriller  |  Release Date: 27.10.2006

Samuel L. Jackson stars in the intense action feature "Snakes on a Plane" from director David R. Ellis ("Final Destination 2," "Cellular"). Jackson plays an FBI agent who is escorting a witness on a flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles when an assassin releases hundreds of deadly snakes on a commercial airplane in order to eliminate the witness. The FBI agent, along with a rookie pilot, frightened crew and passengers must then band together in a desperate attempt to survive.

The film also stars Julianna Margulies, Lin Shaye, Rachel Blanchard, David Koechner, Nathan Phillips and others.

Viewers under 14 not allowed (K-14)

Distributor: Forum Cinemas AS - ESTONIA



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