World Trade Center

World Trade Center

2h 5min  |  Supensedrama  |  Release Date: 06.10.2006

September 11, 2001 was an unusually warm day in New York. Will Jimeno, an officer with the Port Authority Police Department, and sergeant John McLoughlin, a respected veteran of the PAPD, made their way to midtown Manhattan, just like they did any other day. Only this wasn’t any other day.

A team of first responders drove from mid-town Manhattan to the World Trade Center. Five men, including McLoughlin and Jimeno, went into the buildings themselves and were trapped when the towers collapsed. Miraculously, McLoughlin and Jimeno survived, but were buried and pinned beneath slabs of concrete and twisted metal. Though they couldn’t see each other, each could hear that the other had survived, and for the next 12 hours, two men kept each other alive – talking about their families, their lives on the force, their hopes, their disappointments.

The film also follows their wives (Donna McLoughlin and Allison Jimeno), children, and parents who suffered in their own confined circle of hell, with no messages from or information about their loved ones. The film also chronicles the dozens of firemen, policemen, and paramedics who rescued them over those grueling 12 hours.

“World Trade Center” stars Nicolas Cage, Michael Pena, Maria Bello and Maggie Gyllenhaal and was directed by three-time Academy Award®-winner Oliver Stone.

Not recommended for viewers under 12 (MS-12)

Distributor: Forum Cinemas AS - ESTONIA



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