Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting (1998)

2h 6min  |  Drama  |  Release Date: 03.07.1998

A janitor at MIT, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) has a gift for maths that can take him light-years beyond his blue-collar roots, but to achieve his dream he must turn his back on the neighborhood and his best friend (Ben Affleck). To complicate matters, two strangers enter the equation: a washed-up shrink (Robin Williams) who starts to coach Will through his transformation, and a med student (Minnie Driver) who shows him that there can be a pretty face along with his life of the mind.

Starring: Matt Damon, Minnie Driver, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Cole Hauser, Casey Affleck, Stellan Skarsgaard

Directed by Gus Van Sant.

The film was nominated for nine Academy Awards and it won two Oscars: Robin Williams in the category of Best Supporting Actor and Matt Damon & Ben Affleck in the category of Best Original Screenplay.

Distributor: Forum Cinemas OÜ - ESTONIA



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