Cinema Club membership 

Membership status is calculated based on the number of tickets purchased to films that are screened in the cinemas of Forum Cinemas within one year before the date upon which the status is calculated. The number of tickets purchased in one year is calculated based on the ongoing year, ie. today minus 365 days. The result is that the number of tickets purchased, which are displayed in the section ‘My cinema’, may vary in the number of days as some of the ticket purchases may become more than 365 days old and are therefore no longer taken into consideration when calculating the number of tickets purchased in one year.

New tickets which are purchased are added to your account immediately after purchasing them, but club member status is updated by the database within 24 hours of the purchase. This means that if you buy your tenth ticket tonight, you may not immediately receive a message about becoming a fan, but it will arrive during the day after you have purchased that ticket.

If you have used gift tickets, these tickets will only count as purchased tickets when you have exchanged them for cinema tickets.


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