Yasmyn. Clarity for a Day or Two

Yasmyn. Clarity for a Day or Two

Yasmyn. Selgus päevaks või kaheks

1h 16min  |  Documentary, Music  |  Release Date: 22.03.2024

YASMYN (Sinencia Jasmine Kass) is a dreamy yet enterprising artist with Dominican and Esto-nian roots. She was born and raised in a country where diversity is still a novelty. Her music is experimental, courageous, and adventurous. She fights with her own perfectionism and percep-tions of society.

In her everyday life, Sinencia is a focused and active entrepreneur and artist, go-ing through her early twenties and the challenges that this age usually brings - how to build a ca-reer in the music industry, earn money, and build relationships with people at work and at home. YASMYN’s story brings up universal, age-old questions every person has to deal with through the prism of modern reality.

Directors: Anastasia Zazhitskaya, Georgius Misjura

Distributor: Film Tower
Director: Anastasia Zazhitskaya, Georgius Misjura



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