Brotherhood of Lions

Brotherhood of Lions

Lõvide vennaskond

1h 1min  |  Documentary, History, Sport  |  Release Date: 25.11.2022

The documentary “Brotherhood of Lions” is a story about the legendary football club Lions.

Lions were created in 1978 under the leadership of Roman Ubakivi who wanted to start training Estonian boys when the general sports circles did not think the world’s most popular game was suitable for Estonians.

The tremendous training volumes, successful trips to competitions in the Soviet Russia, tales of happenings and work ethics that are absurd from today’s point of view all paint a colourful, warm and inspiring story of young men, their charismatic coach and everybody else who took part in their journey.

Promoted by the media, those young boys became national heroes at the end of the 1980s and, in the winds of freedom, people started to see them as the Estonian football team.

Unknowingly, the Lions were thus like the ambassadors of freedom, and even more so – the foundations of football in the newly independent Estonia.

Distributor: Delfi Meedia AS
Director: Kaur Kokk, Mikk Jürjens



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