Music of Silence

Music of Silence

1h 55min  |  Biography  |  Release Date: 09.03.2018

This film tells the story of the tenor Andrea Bocelli, based on his autobiographical novel published in 1999. Andrea Bocelli is already one of the greatest tenors of contemporary history.

Everyone knows his voice, his songs, his interpretations of famous opera arias, his international popularity. However, much less is known of the private life of Andrea Bocelli and of the path leading him to Lajatico, a village in the Tuscan countryside, and to the laurels of his present career.

Amos Bardi (the singer’s alter ego) was born with the gift of a voice which, from childhood, promises to be of superb quality, but at the same time, with a serious problem regarding his eyes, making him nearly blind. He can see no more than contrasts of light. His illness forces him through the ordeal of multiple surgery. Soon he is separated from his family to enter an institute for the visually impaired to learn Braille. But it is there that he has a terrible accident, a blow to his face causes him total blindness. Darkness falls.

Despite everything, Amos does not give up. Driven by great ambition and interests (a passion for singing, a love of horses, motorbikes, bicycles, a degree in Law), his life will be one challenge after another until he manages to achieve his first great success on stage with Miserere.

From here begins a life studded with victories but in which the silent pursuit of a daily mission continues, moment after moment, the mission of one who, to be like others, must work harder than others, in every gesture, at every step.

Distributor: Bigsales OÜ
Director: Michael Radford
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Jordi Mollà, Toby Sebastian, Alessandro Sperduti, Luisa Ranieri



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