Alien (1979)

1h 57min  |  Science Fiction, Horror  |  Release Date: 21.04.2017

On 26 April we will be celebrating the global ALIEN day!

The schedule is as follows (except for the A Le Coq Suite):

19:00 Introduction

19:02 Greetings from Ridley Scott, followed by the film.

21:00 Selected scenes from the new film, ‘Alien: Covenant’, with introduction.

When a spaceship receives a distress signal from an unknown planet, its crew immediately go over to investigate. Having arrived on what appears to be a lifeless planet, they find a mysterious building containing bizarre eggs.

When a strange creature jumps out of one of the eggs and attaches itself to the face of one of the members of the crew, a true nightmare begins. The unsuspecting crew have accidentally come into contact with an especially dangerous organism, one which will not rest before the ship’s entire crew has fallen victim to it.

All of the films which are to be shown as part of the CINEMA CLASSICS series have been digitally restored. They will be shown with a minimum 2K resolution and high-quality 5.1 sound.

Please note that the film will be screened in English without subtitles, while the additional materials will be provided with subtitles.

Distributor: Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ
Director: Ridley Scott
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerritt, Ian Holm



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