The end of a great era

The end of a great era

Конец прекрасной эпохи

1h 35min  |  Drama, History  |  Release Date: 09.10.2015

A film of Stanislav Govorukhin, is based on the biographical novel by Sergei Dovlatov "Compromises", he tells the story of an era in which worked, despite the prohibitions, had sex, which "was not", and fought for the right to be heard contrary to the widespread control. The era, the end of which are feared and waited ... An era that, in spite of everything, remained excellent.

Distributor: Aurum Distribution OÜ
Director: Stansislav Govoruhhin
Cast: Svetlana Hodtšenkova, Sergei Garmaš, Lembit Ulfsak, Kärt Tammjärv



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