Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone

1h 54min  |  Supensedrama  |  Release Date: 25.01.2008



Each day in America, 2000 children are reported missing. The edge-of-your-seat thriller GONE BABY GONE – adapted from Dennis Lehane’s (“Mystic River”) best-selling novel and featuring the directorial debut of Academy Award®-winner Ben Affleck – follows the explosive case of just one missing little girl. But inside this investigation lie secrets and a labyrinthine maze of class and corruption, evil and innocence… all leading up to one man’s extraordinary choice in a world where right and wrong have become blurred.

The story begins in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester, where the gritty, working-class streets are lined with the wreckage of broken families and dreams. It is here that 4 year-old Amanda McCready has gone missing without a trace. The police have failed to turn up even the narrowest of leads, so Amanda’s desperate Aunt and Uncle plead with local private investigators Patrick Kenzie (CASEY AFFLECK) and Angie Genarro (MICHELLE MONAGHAN) to take the case.

Though they’re wary to jump in, Patrick and Angie know the neighborhood and they also know the truth about Amanda’s drug-addicted mother. As they dig into her story, they find themselves on a trail that winds into the dark heart of Dorchester and through a chain of drug-dealers, ex-cons and child abusers, but brings them no closer to Amanda...

GONE BABY GONE stars Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman, John Ashton, Amy Madigan, Titus Welliver and Amy Ryan. The film is directed by Ben Affleck.

Viewers under 14 not allowed (K-14)

Distributor: Forum Cinemas AS - ESTONIA
Director: Ben Affleck
Cast: Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, Casey Affleck, Michael K. Williams



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