1h 5min  |  документальный фильм  |  В кинотеатрах с : 06.10.2023

In nature everything is in balance. In the circle of life, which never ends, everyone has their task - plants and mushrooms, insects and animals... Tis diverse orchestra always fnds its rhythm and tone. Recognizing the distinctiveness of being human, this flm looks at what are our possibilities to peacefully co-exist within that co-creation of nature. For nearly seven years of exploring the periphery countryside of Estonia, this oneiric journey flmed on 16mm brings to the foreground the daily rhythms of ordinary people and animals in diferent ages and phases of their lives. It composes an analogue gospel of a microcosm, which has consciously or unconsciously rejected the central, arrogant doctrine of human exceptionality.

Liis Nimik (1979) is a documentary flmmaker, fction editor and lecturer. She has edited 4 feature flms and worked together with the renowned director Veiko Õunpuu on two features - “Free Range” (2013) and “Roukli” (2015). She has also edited the widely distributed festival hit “In the Crosswind” (2014), being also one of the authors of the original idea. Te recent documentary flms she produced - “Lembri Uudu”(2017), “Te Weight of All the Beauty” (2019) and “A Loss of Something Ever Felt” (2020) have all been international festival successes, having being premiered, shown and awarded in festivals like DocLeipzig, Sarajevo, HotDocs, Melbourne IFF, Jihlava, Bogota, Habana and Black Nights. “Te Weight of all the Beauty” participated in the Academy Award competition for short docs in 2021. Liis believes chance, curiosity and humor are the three most important components of life and keeps researching flm through this perspective. "Sundial" is her debut feature documentary as a director.

Director: Liis Nimik

Screenwriter: Liis Nimik, Anti Naulainen

Cinematographer: Erik Põllumaa ESC

Editor: Liis Nimik

Sound: Israel Bañuelos, M.P.S.E.

Producer: Edina Csüllög, Liis Nimik

Produced by: Klara Films OÜ

Дистрибьютор: Klara Films OÜ
Pежиссер : Liis Nimik


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