Free Money

Free Money

Vaba raha

1h 44min  |  комедия  |  В кинотеатрах с : 08.09.2023

“Free Money” tells three loosely interconnected stories about money, cryptocurrency and the investment culture of the last few years when investing has become a form of entertainment, and ordinary folk are trading in stocks and coins. The main characters are a brash crypto entrepreneur (Hungarian actor Miklós Bányai), a programmer (Märt Pius), and a conservative banker (Ivo Uukkivi), with the focus on their relationship with money.

The film will be in English and Estonian.

“Free Money” combines traditional filmmaking with more spontaneous, almost documentary-like sequences at real locations and with real events; for example, one sequence of the film was shot live at the largest investment festival in Estonia with 1,200 participants.

The film is produced by Tallifornia and financed by the Tallifornia Film Fund, the first private investment fund in Estonia.

Дистрибьютор: Tallifornia
Pежиссер : Rain Rannu
В ролях: Märt Pius, Ivo Uukkivi, Amanda Hermiine Künnapas, Mari Lill, Marta Laan, Miklós Bányai, Einar Kuusk


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