Hell`s Stoker

Hell`s Stoker

Põrgu katlakütja

1h 17min  |  документальный фильм, Биографический  |  В кинотеатрах с : 08.09.2023

A portrait film about Seaküla Simson, one of the sculptors with the best sense of form in Estonia. It is impossible for a man who went through the war in Afghanistan to forget what he experienced. Again and again the past catches up with him. Even in dreams. The only way to face your demons is to make fun of them.

The documentary captures the essence of the artist, the creative process and methods, and its fusion into a single whole. The film opens the soul, inner honesty and sincerity of the creator and shows the sculptures and objects through an exciting angle, which gives a good overview of the artist's works, their difficult and complex production process.

Дистрибьютор: Rühm Pluss Null OÜ
Pежиссер : Kullar Viimne


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