Neeme Järvi. Only music matters

Neeme Järvi. Only music matters

Neeme Järvi. Muusika üle kõige

1h 26min  |  документальный фильм, музыка, Биографический  |  В кинотеатрах с : 01.09.2023

Estonian conductor Neeme Järvi is the head of a musical dynasty revolutionizing the musical life of Estonia and beyond. Neeme is also one of the most recorded conductors or even musicians in the world. His name appears on the front cover of more than half a thousand audio records, in addition to a hundred other audio carriers, on which he is one of the many creators. "If you think small, you can't make big music." says Neeme Järvi about it. In addition to his international reach and being the chief conductor of several world orchestras, he also has a mission as a cultural ambassador.

The film follows the internationally recognized and popular Neeme Järvi in his activities of the last four years in Estonia as well as in Prague, Vienna, Glasgow and America. Neeme's nature is revealed by his family members and friends, as well as musicians who performed with him at concerts, Nicola Benedetti, Catriona Morison, Thomas Hampson, Joshua Bell, etc.

Director: Erik Norkroos

Дистрибьютор: Umberto Productions
Pежиссер : Erik Norkroos


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