Шерлок: Скверная невеста

Шерлок: Скверная невеста

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

1h 55min  |  драма, криминал, мистерия  |  В кинотеатрах с : 02.01.2016

Пилотную серию «Скверной невесты» четвертого сезона наиболее популярного телесериала «Шерлок» сможете посмотреть вечером 2 января на экранах кинотеатров Coca-Cola Plaza, с мощнейшим звуком Dolby Atmos, а также в кинотеатре Ekraan.

"Dr John Watson, meet Mr Sherlock Holmes.”

We've been here before - but what if this wasn't the modern day but the late Victorian period? What if the world's most famous consulting detective and his best friend lived in a Baker Street of steam trains, hansom cabs, top hats and frock-coats?

Welcome to 'Sherlock' in 1895!

Some things, though, remain reassuringly the same. Friendship, adventure and especially, MURDER...

Why is Thomas Ricoletti a little surprised to see his wife dressed in her old wedding gown? Because, just a few hours before, she took her own life...

Mrs Ricoletti's ghost now appears to be prowling the streets with an unslakeable thirst for revenge. From fog-shrouded Limehouse to the bowels of a ruined church, Holmes, Watson and their friends must use all their cunning to combat an enemy seemingly from beyond the grave and the final, shocking truth about...the Abominable Bride!

Дистрибьютор: BBC Worldwide Limited
Pежиссер : Douglas Mackinnon
В ролях: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman


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