15.01.2021, Kinoklubi, Filmimaailm

Rent a whole movie auditorium!

Rent a whole movie auditorium for just You and Your friends!

You decide the movie and if You wish, the snacks will be waiting for You in the movie auditorium!

Rent price depends on
- the size of the auditorium
- the day of the week
- the time of Your choice
- the movie of Your choice.

For example, if You choose a movie from our current schedule and wish to have a private
screening on Monday, the rent price would be 150€.

Our 11 movie auditoriums in Coca-Cola Plaza can seat between 38 to 458 people on two
floors. You can also rent an auditorium in Ekraan Cinema in Tartu (150 seats in the big auditorium, 68 seats in the small auditorium) and Centrum Cinema in Viljandi (168 seats in the big auditorium, 87 seats in the small auditorium).

Send a preference of the time and the movie to yritused@forumcinemas.ee and see You at the movies - Your movies!