Now it is totally worthwhile to come to the cinema early: an interactive game allows the entire audience to play along 

Starting from November, all the visitors of the Forum Cinemas will be able to play exciting interactive games on the big screen while waiting for the movie, all they need is a personal mobile phone and the corresponding application. 

We have exciting news for all Forum Cinemas cinema visitors in Tallinn, Viljandi, and Tartu - very soon, there is a reason to come to the cinema earlier, because ten minutes before the beginning of the show, everyone can play along in an exciting and interactive game right on the big screen. All you need is a smartphone, fast fingers, and a little luck, and you can win a variety of games or cinema prizes.
Before the beginning of the show, an interactive game appears on the big screen, which everyone in the hall can participate in by downloading a respective application on their mobile phone and typing in the code that appears on the screen. Then the game starts, where every participant competes against the other people in the hall in various tasks that require skill or knowledge. All you need to play is your mobile phone!

In addition to general recognition and approval, the winner will receive prizes related to the game or cinema, which may include new movie tickets, snacks, movie-related stuff, or any other game-related prize.

1. Download the ForumFun App
2. Come to the cinema at least 10 minutes before the start of the show 
3. Enter the code displayed on the screen into the app
4. Play and chat with other movie-goers on the big screen
5. Win prizes! 

Download the ForumFun app from Google Play or the App store:


The first fastest downloaders get FREE Gourmet popcorn!