7.07.2020, Cinema Club, Movie News

Cinemas are now open and people love the big screens!

After almost three months of closed doors, all the Forum Cinemas film group movie theatres are now open in Tallinn, Viljandi, and Tartu, as well as in Latvia and Lithuania.

“We approached the reopening calmly and step by step. By now, all the cinemas are open but with some restrictions, since we are still subject to government regulations. Nevertheless, we can already offer movie experiences,” stated Kristjan Kongo, the CEO of Forum Cinemas Baltic. He noted that families with children missed cinema the most, making them the most frequent visitors during the first fortnight. He also brought forward Crazy Tuesday fans who know that Tuesdays are the cheapest to visit movie theatres.

In the first two weeks, the most watched movies of Forum Cinemas film group were
1. the animated movie “Onward”
2. the science fiction “Bloodshot”
3. the animated movie “Sonic the Hedgehog”
4. the action comedy “The Gentlemen”
5. the romantic drama “I Still Believe”

The concern for new movies not reaching the cinemas does not discourage anymore because as before, at least 2-3 new movies are premiered every Friday. “Salmonid”, “Capone”, “Hotel Belgrad”, and “Beats” will premiere this week.

In addition, Estonians have shown their love for cinema through interest for different movie marathons. Previously held “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” marathons and “The Matrix” trilogy were popular. Ahead are the three movies of “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

“We can say that the occupancy of our cinemas was at a good level, taking into consideration that in June, there were the restrictions like the 2+2 rule and maximum of a 100 people in a movie auditorium or 50% of occupancy in the smaller auditoriums. Almost 50% of the available seats were filled during the first fortnight, “ said Kongo. “We hope, of course, that the restrictions will abate in July, giving us the possibility to increase the viewer numbers and aim towards very good results.”