Cinema visitors can choose which movie to bring back to the cinema

Forum Cinemas decided to meet the wishes of many cinema lovers, and every Monday it will start showing films that have already gone off the screen, but visitors would still like to see in the cinema.

“One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is when some of the films will be screened for the last time, i.e., go off the screen. Now we can always answer that in 10 weeks’ time,” said Katre Kärner, Marketing Manager for Forum Cinemas.
Kärner explained that from June, the cinema will start showing "Final Call" movie every Monday, which is no longer in cinema programs, but which members of the Forum Cinemas cinema club themselves will be able to bring back to the program for one day by voting. Films that have been premiered 10 weeks and have already gone off the program will be put to a vote 
"Movie fans often worry that they would definitely want to see the movie in the cinema, but they will not be able to make it to the cinema before it is already taken off the screen. The reason is that people are sick, are traveling, etc.,” Kärner noted. “Sometimes they just learn too late that a particularly cool movie was being screened in the cinema and friends also mentioned it too late. Now we are offering you the chance to see the desired movie in the cinema in good quality and with good company. ”

The voting will be held on the Facebook page of Forum Cinemas Film Club.