Next event will take place on with the film "Kids of the Night"

Date: July 7
6:30 pm
Coca-Cola Plaza, Delfi/2 screen

Surprises await guests, there will be a big prize draw before the film begins, and a photographer will be there to capture a great evening. 

The prize draw and the film will start at 7:00 pm

Tickets at a price 10€, Cinema Club member ticket 9€!


"Kids of the Night"

Youth comedy “Kids of the Night” tells the story of three sisters, who have all reached a breaking point in their lives. Liis (Grete Konksi) has just graduated from high school and realizes that the future planned with her boyfriend is not so certain anymore. Eldest sister Karin (Piret Krumm) was the first to leave the nest and is struggling in the contemporary sexist business environment. Youngest sister, teenager Jane (Alice Siil), is trying to stand up to her party animal friend’s pressure to be someone she is not. One fateful night reveals all secrets and feelings the sisters never wanted to admit. When the three of them meet on their home’s doorstep in the morning, they all face their new life a bit wiser.

The film stars Grete Konksi (“Class Reunion 2”), Alice Siil and Piret Krumm (“Class Reunion 3”). The film also stars Mart Müürisepp (“Class Reunion”), Kristjan Lüüs (“Take It or Leave It”), Alo Kõrve (“O2”), Liis Lemsalu (“Eia’s Christmas at Phantom Owl Farm”), Peeter Oja (TV series “The Trap”), Laine Mägi (TV series “ENSV”), Argo Aadli (“The Little Comrade”), Lauri Pedaja (“TV series “Kitchen”), Jaune Kimmel, Liisa Saaremäel, Ott Lepland (“Bad Hair Friday”), Juss Jaasma (“The Days That Confused”), Miika Pihlak ja Amanda Hermiine Künnapas (TV series “Pillow Club”).

Priit Pääsuke (“The End of the Chain”) directed the movie from a screenplay written by Ewert Kiwi. The team also included cinematographer and co-writer Mart Raun, production designer Kadri Kuusler, costume designer Gerly Tinn, composer Janek Murd, sound designer Harmo Kallaste and producer Marianne Ostrat.