Special events in our Cinemas

Special events create added value for every movie visit and make it an enjoyable event!

We now have special event packages!

The package includes:

  • a movie ticket
  • medium popcorn
  • medium dispenser drink of your choice

The drink and snack voucher remains valid for one month after the purchase and can be changed for a club combo at the checkout.


  • Regular price 16, the price for a club member 15€
  • The Movie of the Month package 14€, price for a club member 13€


  • Oppertunity to see a movie before the premier
  • Gift for each participant
  • Raffle
  • No adverts are screened
  • 30 minutes only for movie trailers
  • Raffle or quiz
  • pearls of cinematic classics at your cinema in Tallinn
  • Every month different film which has an important place in cinematic history
  • All movies have been digitally restored. They will be screened at a minimum of 2K resolution and with high-quality 5.1 sound
  • Guest speaker
  • Gift for each participant
  • Raffle
"SÄDE" IN CINEMA                                       
  • Films are selected especially for women 
  • Gift for each participant
  • Product presentation
  • Lower sound and more light than usual session
  • Films are selected especially for kids or mothers
  • Gift for each participant
  • Play corner with toys
  • Product presentation
  • No adverts are screened


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