The Amazing Maurice

The Amazing Maurice

1h 33min  |  Comedy, Animation, Family  |  Release Date: 20.01.2023

Based on 2001 Terry Pratchett’s book “The Amazing Maurice and his educated rodents” that won the Carnagie medal of best children book of the year, tells a story of a Maurice, clever cat who one day discovered that he can think and talk. Since that day, he has gone from town to town with trained rats and a slightly naive boy, Keith, and used his new abilities to run small scams. But one day they find themselves in a town called Bad Blintz, where something mysterious seems to be happening. Together with Malicia, the smart mayor's daughter, the group must gather courage and this time use their skills for good, and it may happen that good deeds lead to something much more rewarding.

Terry Pratchett was English writer and humorist whose books have sold more than 100 million copies.

Distributor: Adastra Cinema OÜ
Director: Toby Genkel, Florian Westermann



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