Tiger‘s Nest

Tiger‘s Nest

1h 34min  |  Adventure  |  Release Date: 18.11.2022

One night, the little orphan boy Balmani rescues a tiger cub from ruthless poachers. He escapes and sets off on a long and perilous journey to a remote sanctuary, where he believes they will be safe. Pursued by the poachers, Balmani and the tiger cub Mukti develop a close bond of trust and affection who will help them to overcome all obstacles. As they will make their way to Mukti's new home high in the Himalayas, they will experience one of life's greatest adventures: true friendship!

Distributor: ACME FILM OÜ
Director: Brando Quilici
Cast: Sunny Pawar, Claudia Gerini, Amanda Clayton



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