2h 17min  |  Action, Science Fiction, Adventure  |  Release Date: 04.05.2022

"Aliens" (1986) - one of the greatest sequels of our time is the cinema classic in May. The screenings will take place in Coca-Cola Plaza on Wednesdays in May.

NB! The film will be screened in english with without subtitles.

Six decades after her brush with the man-hunting xenomorph, the hypersleeping Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is found in space by a salvage ship. To her horror she learns that a human colony has been founded on the same planet where the alien was first encountered... and all contact has been lost. Time for Ripley to lock and load with Michael Biehn's gung-ho platoon of space marines.

Where Ridley Scott's original dripped with suspense, James Cameron's sequel blazes with unrelenting, sense-battering action. Rise and shine, people, for one of the most breath-taking sequels ever.

"Aliens" world premiere was on July 14, 1986.

All of the films that are being shown as part of the CINEMA CLASSIC series have been digitally restored. They will be screened at a minimum of 2K resolution and with high-quality 5.1 sound.

Distributor: Park Circus
Director: James Cameron
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, Carrie Henn



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