Golden Mask in Cinemas: Romeo and Juliet

Golden Mask in Cinemas: Romeo and Juliet

Золотая Маска в кино: Ромео и Джульетта

2h 40min  |  Ballet  |  Release Date: 20.10.2021

Screenings in cinema Coca-Cola Plaza on October 20th and 31st and on November 11th.

The choreographer Vyacheslav Samodurov is not striving to meticulously follow the twists of this sad story written by Shakespeare. He almost totally gives up pantomime, leaving it to dance and physical movement to tell the story and express the emotions. At the same time his choreography does not sacrifice the intensity of feelings, the interplay between temperaments, or the dramatic aspect.

The task he set for himself is all the more difficult as he chooses the concept of “theatre in the theatre” – what the audience sees, and what the dancers present is not the performance, but a company of actors rehearsing the future production. This gives the action, feelings and meanings some additional volume, the audience feels additional emotions and the young performers are given a chance to develop as actors and as human beings.

Music: Sergei Prokofiev

Choreography: Vyacheslav Samodurov

Libretto: Leonid Lavrovskiy, Adrian Piotrovskiy, Sergei Prokofiev and Sergei Radlov by the eponymous tragedy of William Shakespeare

Conductor: Pavel Klinichev

Set: Anthony Macilwaine

Costumes: Irena Belousova

Lighting: Saymon Bennison

Cast: Ekaterina Sapogova, Aleksandr Merkushev, Igor Bulytsyn, Gleb Sageev, Sergey Kraschenko, Viktor Mekhanoshin, Anastasiya Bagaeva, Nadezhda Shamshurina, Karina Rafalson, Andrey Veshkurtsev, Stepan Kosygin, Anastasia Rakitina, Veronika Selivanova, Miki Nisiguchi, Kyunsun Pak, Ksenia Panova, Tomoha Terada, Aleksey Seliverstov

Distributor: CoolConnections
Director: Vjatšeslav Samodurov



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