The Sleeping Beast

The Sleeping Beast

Tagurpidi torn

1h 41min  |  Adventure  |  Release Date: 29.04.2022

Thriller “The Sleeping Beast” tells the story of a group of children spending their summer in a sleepy hamlet, where their only entertainment is simply hanging around and climbing in an abandoned manufacturing facility, until they are forbidden to do that. The gang’s boss Kristjan and his friends Ariel, Loore, Mia-Margot and Siim decide to ignore the ban. This decision changes their lives and friends face a grim confrontation. They need to answer the question – what is right and what is wrong?

The film stars Nils Jaagup England (Kristjan), Rebeka Kask (Loore), Una Marta Soms (Mia-Margot), Laura Vahtre (Ariel), Kimi Reiko Pilipenko (Siim), Mirja and Mirje Toomsalu (Lisandra), Andres Lepik (Elmar). Supporting cast includes Rasmus Ermel, Riho Kütsar, Evelin Võigemast, Anti Kobin, Ester Kuntu, Jaanika Arum, Juuli Lill and Reimo Sagor.

Aidi Vallik (“Where Souls Go”) wrote the screenplay and the film was directed by Jaak Kilmi (“The Dissidents”, “Revolution of Pigs”, “Christmas in the Jungle”). The film is produced by Stellar Film and Studija Locomotive and distributed by ACME Film.

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Distributor: ACME FILM OÜ
Director: Jaak Kilmi
Cast: Andres Lepik, Kimi Reiko Pilipenko, Una Marta Soms, Rebeka Kask, Laura Vahtre, Nils Jaagup England



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