Estonian funeral

Estonian funeral

Eesti matus

1h 32min  |  Comedy  |  Release Date: 04.06.2021

Based on one of the longest running plays in Estonian theatre, “Eesti matus“ by Andrus Kivirähk, “Estonian Funeral” is a comedy full of hilarious characters and unexpected situations where Estonian national-conservative view of the world clashes with more liberal European values of the younger generation.

Andres, a young man who sells retirement insurances in shopping centres, meets a dark-skinned girl and falls in love.Lee, the newfound girl of his dreams called, is an open-minded world traveler who does not understand the „workaholism“ of Estonians nor the need to own land at all costs. With naive dreams, the young lovers want to go travel the world in search of happiness, but they have to take an unexpected small detour first. Andres has to go to his grandfather's funeral and unsuspectingly takes Lee with him.

At the funeral, a colorful company of friends, family and neighbours have gathered and, as it is characteristic for Estonians, the sad event turns into a row of comic incidents and hot-tempered altercations. Fundamental questions come up, unavoidably. Who has worked the hardest? Who is more of an Estonian, the ones living in the city or the ones slaving away in the fields? Whose ancestors suffered more under the Soviet rules?

As things escalate, fueled by loads of vodka, the strange circus creates an insurmountable gap between the young lovers.

Cast: Sandra Ashilevi, Markus Habakukk, Jan Uuspõld, Hilje Murel,Merle Palmiste,Ago Anderson,Tambet Tuisk,Anna Sergejeva,Peeter Oja

This film is co-produced by Taska Film, Apollo Film Productions and Filmivabrik.


In front of "Estonian Funeral"there is a 9-minute animated short “The Poop and spring”, a wee story of mighty love. This, too, is based on the works of Estonian classic ANdrus Kivirähk.

The movie spins a melodramatic tale of longing, friendship, and birth and death of love. Love dies often. People often die for love and die with their beloved. Yet love is essential for the circle of life to keep turning!

A stray dog gives birth to the main character, Poop, on a marvellous spring day. The young Poop befriends a Sparrow, who educates him in ways of life. Observing loving sparrow family’s ventures from his shanty throughout autumn and winter, a desire for a beloved arises in Poop’s chest. Along with spring, Poop discovers a glorious Buttercup growing right next to his shanty. Poop proposes in the same breath, and Miss Buttercup is only happy to accept.

This seemingly simple story carries with it many themes, from environment preservation to acceptance of diverse looks and sentiments.


Distributor: Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ
Director: René Vilbre
Cast: Ago Anderson, Sandra Ashilevi, Markus Habakukk, Hilje Murel, Peeter Oja, Merle Palmiste, Jan Uuspõld, Anna Sergejeva, Tambet Tuisk



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