1h 27min  |  Comedy, Animation, Family  |  Release Date: 13.09.2019

All of his life, Trouble has been treated to the best of everything by his elderly owner, MRS. VANDERWHOOZIE. When she passes away, she leaves her enormous fortune to her beloved canine companion and entrusts him to the care of her only relatives, NORBERT and CLAIRE. But the greedy siblings ignore Trouble as they make plans to sell off their aunt’s valuables, and in the commotion, he gets packed away and shipped off with the estate-sale items.

Unable to find his way back to the Vanderwhoozie mansion, Trouble is lost and alone for the first time in his life. A night sleeping in the woods leaves him cold, hungry and harassed by a gang of dancing squirrels, so the little dog makes his way to the big city, where a streetwise pit bull named ROUSEY grudgingly shows him the ropes.

Realizing he was not born for life on the streets, Trouble seeks out help from GIZMO and other dogs at the local park, where eventually he encounters ZOE, a good-hearted pizza delivery girl who takes him in. But just when he’s beginning to form a bond with her, Trouble’s life is derailed once again by a dog detective named THURMAN, who was hired by Claire and Norbert to track down and bring home their meal ticket.

With the help of SNOOP and other dogs from the pound, Trouble will have to learn some new tricks to stay out of the greedy hands of the heirs and get back into the loving arms of Zoe.



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