Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs

Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs

1h 32min  |  Action, Adventure, Animation  |  Release Date: 15.11.2019

On the Fairytale Island, one out of a dozen people are either a prince or a princess, quite literally. Out of dozens of princes on the island, a special group of princes called the Fearless Seven (F7) are known to be the finest of them all! Prince Merlin, one of the F7, goes out on a quest to find the most beautiful princess in the entire kingdom who he can fall in love with.

As always, 7 princes rescue a beautiful princess from a fiery dragon like a piece of cake, but UH OH they are wrong. The princess is not a beauty like F7 imagines after all! They tease and embarrass the ugly pixie princess and the angry princess curses the princes into a spell that can only be broken with a kiss from the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.

Once a fearless group of seven princes turn into seven Dwarfs and set out on an impossible mission to undo the spell.



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