Lennud unes või ilmsi

Lennud unes või ilmsi

1h 4min  |  Short  |  Release Date: 09.10.2015

The collection consists of four new Estonian short feature films by young directors Helen Takkin, Edina Csüllög, Leeni Linna and Carlos E. Lesmes.

Helen Takkin’s film "Elo" is about a wilful kid, whose only goal is to escape the repressions of her nursery school teachers. One day, however, new teacher Helena joins Elo’s class and her life changes completely.

Screenwriters Margus Paju and Indra Feldman, cinematographer Heiko Sikka, producers Liisa Orav and Esko Rips. Produced by Nafta Films. Cast: Katriin Meribel Kungla, Kärt Tammjärv, Kaie Mihkelson, Henrik Kalmet and Liis Barkala.

Edina Csüllög’s "Butterfly Man" is about lonely and clumsy Anselm, who works as the devoted assistant of the famous magician Erneto at Boruslawski circus. He practices tricks in secret and wishes to become a big magician himself. Anselm gets his chance when Erneto makes himself disappear in a bout of magic. For a moment, Anselm becomes the audience’s darling, but his magical power of releasing butterflies from within himself proves fatal to both him and the circus.

Screenwriter Urmas Reisberg, cinematographer Raimo Kiuru, producers Peeter Urbla and Kristo Jürmann. Produced by Exitfilm. Cast: Nero Urke.

Leeni Linna’s "Grounded” " is about helicopter pilot Raul, who loses his “wings” after losing sight in one eye in the war in Afghanistan. Depressed and heedless of his family, he soon finds himself home alone. He must do something! He builds a flying machine out of helium balls to take one last flight of his life.

Screenwriter Leeni Linna, cinematographer Rein Kotov, producer Anneli Ahven. Produced by Kopli Kinokompanii. Cast: Priit Võigemast, Karin Rask and Mart Toome.

In Carlos E. Lesmes’s film "Countdown" a spaceship leaves an uninhabited desert planet of Ephestos, but the chief of the geology team captain Romanek is left behind. Captain Romanek’s oxygen supply is running out and his spirit is broken. Trying to communicate with the ship he inexplicably manages to contact 7-year-old Nele, playing hide and seek on earth, instead.

Screenwriter Carlos E. Lesmes, cinematographer Sten-Johan Lill, producer Kristjan Pütsep. Produced by Alasti Kino. Cast: Argo Aadli and Maia Mägi.

The films are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Film Institute.

Distributor: Nafta Films OÜ
Director: Carlos E. Lesmes, Leeni Linna, Edina Csüllog, Helen Takkin
Cast: Kärt Tammjärv, Henrik Kalmet, Priit Võigemast, Karin Rask, Katriin Meribel Kungla, Nero Urke, Argo Aadli



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