1h 37min  |  Comedy  |  Release Date: 29.08.2014

For his 50th birthday, Antoine receives an unusual gift: a heart attack. From now on, he will have to "take care". But Antoine has spent his whole life taking care - of his health, his diet and his family - while putting up with his friends' little oddities and swallowing one humiliation after another. Now he intends to do things differently – but changing your own life inevitably means changing that of others...

Starring Lambert Wilson, Florence Foresti, Franck Dubosc, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Lionel Abelanski, Jérôme Commandeur, Valérie Crouzet, Sophie Duez and Lysiane Meis. Directed by Eric Lavaine

Distributor: Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ
Director: Eric Lavaine
Cast: Lambert Wilson, Franck Dubosc, Lionel Abelanski



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