Free Range

Free Range

1h 44min  |  Drama, Estonia  |  Release Date: 20.09.2013

NB! In Estonian, with Russian subtitles!

FREE RANGE / BALLAD ON APPROVING OF THE WORLD is the third feature from Venice Horizons award-winning (for "Autumn Ball", 2007) Estonian film director Veiko Õunpuu. A story about an aspiring young writer whose girlfriend becomes pregnant, forcing him to come to terms about his place in the world.

How to live knowing that you might never know joy in day-to-day life? That you will never know the true pride from your work? That there is no meaning, no goal, no hope for improvement? That life will continue and you have to get used to it. You must also get used to the idea that it might go on for a long time and, worst of all, it is almost impossible to put up with it in a dignified way? How is it possible to participate in all this, without losing our humanity and the last bits of our lust for life?

Distributor: Homeless Bob Production
Director: Veiko Õunpuu
Cast: Lauri Lagle, Jaanika Arum, Laura Peterson, Roman Baskin, Peeter Volkonski, Rita Raave



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