Balti filmi- ja meediakool esitleb: Minevikku

Balti filmi- ja meediakool esitleb: Minevikku

2h 14min  |  -  |  Release Date: 25.04.2011


Baltic Film and Media School film students take you back in time – TO THE PAST.

Last fall the third-year film students received a task to search for the spirit of an era that dates back at least 100 years. It was searched from Narva and Vilsandi, bogs and swamps, manors and farms. One can meet prophets and madmen, stubborn students, tortured men and longing women, werewolves, spiders and a pony along the way.

The leading and supporting characters were brought to life by Juhan Ulfsak, Maria Advjuško, Märt Avandi, Helena Merzin, Mikk Jürjens, Meelis Rämmeld, Kersti Heinloo and many others.

The works of the same course students have been in cinemas as short film programs “Ootamatu vabadus” (“Unexpected Freedom”) and “10 viimast Vanapaganat” (“10 Last Devils”).

25 - 26th of April in cinema Ekraan

With English subtitles!

Directors-Screenwriters: Triin Ruumet, Kaur Kokk, Vallo Toomla, Jaan Penjam, Jaan Tätte jr, Raigo Saariste, Hardi Keerutaja, Eik Tammemäe

Starring: Maria Avdjuško, Juhan Ulfsak, Kalju Orro, Raivo E. Tamm, Hendrik Toompere jr. jr, Mikk Jürjens, Jaan Pehk, Märt Avandi, Meelis Rämmeld, Madis Kalmet, Ago Roo, Kersti Heinloo, Riina Maidre, Helena Merzin, Jüri Aarma, Ardo Ran Varres jt.

Cinematographers: Ivar Taim, Sten-Johan Lill, Manuel Mägi, Martin Randalu, Markus Orav, Madis Reimund, Ott Tiigiran, Aivo Rannik

Sound: Matis Rei, Ranno Tislar, Valter Jakovlev, Ekke Västrik

Editing: Marta Pulk, Hendrik Mägar, Maik Kalberg, Mattias Naan

Art Direction: Kristjan Suits, Anneli Arusaar, Kärt Kallaste, Kristina Lõuk, Vassilissa Danavir, Ketlin Kasar, Liis Serk jt.

Producers: Elari Lend, Tiiu-Ann Pello, Maie Rosmann, Kristo Jürmann, Andero Tõnissoo

Supervisors: Lembit Peterson, Sulev Keedus, Jüri Sillart, Tiina Lokk, Mait Mäekivi, Tiina Andreas, Ann Lumiste, Anneli Ahven

“Précis of a Case in Psychoanalysis”

Voldemar, a man afraid of young men, is forced to undergo psychoanalytic treatment to relieve his agony. A psychoanalyst tries to find out wherein the essence of the problem lies. No humanity can be found here.

“Spiders 4500 years ago”

Since actors, costumes and everything else always cause a lot of hassle, a film student decided to make his history-based movie about spiders. However, his too bold of an approach may have surprising consequences…

“Eastern Winds”

Having been released after years of hard labor in Siberia, Ivo returns to Estonia, hoping to leave behind his criminal past and begin a new life with an old lover. However, his criminal past has made him into a pariah and he is forced, despite all his efforts, to flee the village and return to Russia.

“Theodor’s Story”

A young mathematician living in a 19th century provincial town works out a theorem that proves that there is no God. By a lucky chance he acquires a large sum of money and decides to publish the theorem and enlighten the people. However, the people feel comfortable being in the dark about this and do not want to know anything about Theodor’s discovery…

“Elisabeth von Ungern-Sternmeer”

A romanticist fable about Baroness Elisabeth von Ungern-Sternmeer’s loneliness and longing.


„The old fence beside the road, Oh how dear it seemed to us,“ Lydia Koidula

“Jaan from Hell”

“The duty of one is to herald the truth; the duty of the other is to punish him for it.”

It’s the year 1725, Estonia has been ravaged by war, famine and the plague and it seems that the nation is destined to slowly fade away. Only a miracle could help.

“To Leipzig”

It’s the beginning of the 19th century, a young egocentric medical student encounters a girl upon her first visitation who does not need treatment, but needs to be saved from her family.

Distributor: Balti Filmi- ja Meediakool



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