The Poll Diaries

The Poll Diaries

2h 9min  |  Drama  |  Release Date: 17.12.2010

In the summer of 1914, a 14-year-old German girl returns to her home on the Baltic coast, a place uneasily shared by Germans, Russians and Estonians. While her morbid scientist father controls the family with cruel hand, the passionate young girl secretly nurses a wounded Estonian anarchist back to health - at first an act of curiosity and then of defiance that could set off an uncontrollable chain reaction...

"The Poll Diaries" hauntingly evokes the end-of-days atmosphere of a doomed society at the crossroads of the German and Russian Empires in the early years of the 20th century. Following his award-winning "Four Minutes" (Audience Awards at the Hamptons and San Francisco, German Film Awards and Best Film Award in Shanghai and Sofia), director Chris Kraus now presents the masterly portrait of a segment of civilization and humanity sliding into chaos and anarchy. Shot on the Baltic coast in and around a spectacularly precarious mansion, "The Poll Diaries" features a gallery of superb actors, led by the radiant young breakout star Paula Beer.

Directed by: Chris Kraus

Producers: Alexandra ja Meike Kordes, Riina Sildos, Danny Krausz

Script by: Chris Kraus

Composer: Annette Focks

Cast: Tambet Tuisk, Paula Beer, Edgar Selge, Jeanette Hain, Ricky Müller

Release date: 17.12.2010

Lenght: 2h 09 min

Produced by: Kordes&Kordes GMBH, Dor Film, Amrion OÜ

Distributor: Amrion OÜ

Distributor: Amrion OÜ
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