Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

1h 36min  |  Family  |  Release Date: 16.03.2007

In “Charlotte’s Web,” a very small pig finds that the most powerful force in the world is the bond of friendship. After young Fern (Dakota Fanning) rescues Wilbur the pig – who is almost sacrificed as the runt of the litter – he becomes the newest addition to the barnyard. Wilbur has a youthful manner that makes him seem naïve to the other animals in his new barn, but to Charlotte – the spider who lives in the rafters – he holds the possibility of being a friend. Their developing friendship is shown to be a lasting one when the other animals reveal that the pig’s days are numbered. It seems that only a miracle will save Wilbur’s life, but a determined Charlotte spins words into her web in an effort to convince the farmer that Wilbur is “some pig” and worth saving. Based on the best-selling children’s paperback of all time, E.B. White’s magical, beloved story of loyalty and sacrifice comes to life in this live-action adaptation.

The film was directed by Gary Winick (“13 Going on 30”).



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