As a Cinema Club member, you are guaranteed to receive the best prices and offers. Special prices include everything from 2D/3D film sessions and the premium auditoriums (the iSense and LUXE auditoriums), to the normal auditoriums and the A Le Coq Suite. Naturally, you will also get to enjoy pre-screenings and premieres at special prices, as well as various exciting special sessions with actors, actresses, and film makers.  

If you have become a ‘Specialist’ or a ‘Guru’, you and 37 friends can celebrate your birthday in the A. Le Coq Suite at Coca-Cola Plaza. While the price for ordinary customers is 700€, you will only need to pay 350€. The birthday discount can be used one week before and after your birthday. Please address your request to hold a birthday party to



When purchasing one club combo, one electronic stamp will be added to your account, and when you have purchased nine cinema combos, you will immediately receive the tenth combo from us for absolutely no charge! 

The cinema combo consists of one medium 0.75 litre dispenser drink of your choice and a snack of your choice from the following selection: medium salty popcorn, medium sweet popcorn, a medium bacon snack, or nachos. The club combo is always available at a fixed discount price. No matter which products you choose the cost is 7.50€ at Coca-Cola Plaza cinemas in Tallinn, 6.50€ at Centrum in Viljandi.

Please keep in mind the following: 

  • Stamps which are collected by purchasing cinema combos can be seen in the ‘My cinema‘ section
  • Collected stamps expire three years after the date on which the stamp was generated
  • The electronic snack coupon on your club account will remain valid for 45 days
  • The free combo will not be counted as the first combo of your next nine combos



When purchasing your cinema tickets, you will collect electronic stamps on your account for each ticket and, when you have purchased nineteen tickets, we will give you the twentieth ticket free of charge! The more you visit the cinema, the more you gain.

Please keep in mind the following: 

  • Stamps which are collected by purchasing cinema tickets can be seen in the ‘My cinema’ section 
  • Collected stamps expire three years after the date on which the stamp was generated 
  • Electronic e-tickets which have been added to your club account are worth up to 12€ each and remain valid for 45 days
  • Free cinema ticket will be generated as an e-voucher to your club account in 24 hours.
  • Your free cinema ticket will not be counted as a purchased ticket on your account.




We have put together several of our best seasonal offers for you from our  friends of Cinema Club, who offer especially great discounts for Cinema Club members. 



Cinema Club members who have visited Forum Cinemas during the last month are included in monthly prize draws in the first full week of every month and may win one of the following:

  • Free parking in the Coca-Cola Plaza car park - one car for one month (from the month following the month on which the draw is made)
  • Ten free cinema tickets (with a value of up to 12€, valid for three months)
  • Six free gift tickets to the A. Le Coq Suite (with a value of up to 18€, valid for three months)
  • And many other valuable prizes from our partners

The results of the draws can be seen in the ‘My cinema’ section under Cinema Club prize draws


This Cinema Club offer is valid from 25.05.2018.


Join the Cinema Club now, and you will receive discounts from your very first purchase. Subscription takes just a moment and is completely free!



Here’s wishing you some great cinematic experiences
Your Cinema Club




When purchasing tickets via our website, you will simply need to log in. When buying tickets from the ticket booth at the cinema itself, identify yourself by using your ID card or Club Card, which can be obtained from the checkout booths. In order to receive information about all of the Cinema Club events, please subscribe to the newsletter or add our news stream to your RSS programme.



Membership status is calculated based on the number of tickets purchased to films that are screened in the cinemas of Forum Cinemas within one year before the date upon which the status is calculated. The number of tickets purchased in one year is calculated based on the ongoing year, ie. today minus 365 days. The result is that the number of tickets purchased, which are displayed in the section ‘My cinema’, may vary in the number of days as some of the ticket purchases may become more than 365 days old and are therefore no longer taken into consideration when calculating the number of tickets purchased in one year.

New tickets which are purchased are added to your account immediately after purchasing them, but club member status is updated by the database within 24 hours of the purchase. This means that if you buy your tenth ticket tonight, you may not immediately receive a message about becoming a fan, but it will arrive during the day after you have purchased that ticket.

If you have used gift tickets, these tickets will only count as purchased tickets when you have exchanged them for cinema tickets.



Follow the different discounts that are offered at points of sale and, as a club member, always present your ID card or Club Card to the customer attendant - this way you are guaranteed always to receive the discounts to which you are entitled.