1. Customers younger than 18 years old can enter to the cinema without certificate or negative test.

2. All customers age of 18 or older must have either:

- valid COVID certificate (completed course of COVID-19 vaccination)

- negative COVID-19 test results (PCR or Rapid Antigen Test) to be performed by a healthcare provider  or done in cinema testing point.

-  certificate about recovering from COVID-19 (during the last 6 months)

3. Now You can perform Rapid Antigen Test also in our cinemas! It costs 4 euros and test is valid only in cinema.

4. Please reserve some extra time in the cinema to check the certificate.

5. You can create the certificate here www.digilugu.ee and then print it out or download to Your phone. More specific instructions You can find from https://www.tehik.ee/el-covid-toendite-loomise-juhend