1. Customers younger than 12 years and 3 three months can enter to the cinema without certificate.

2. All customers age of 12 years and 3 months or older must have either:

- valid COVID certificate (completed course of COVID-19 vaccination)

-  certificate about recovering from COVID-19 (during the last 6 months)

3. Customers in the age between 12 years and 3 months - 17 years can also enter to the cinema with:

-  negative PCR or antigen RT test done by a health care service provider (Confido)

- negative result of a rapid test done at a general pharmacy

4. Rapid Antigen Test is not allowed in cinema anymore.

5. Please reserve some extra time in the cinema to check the certificate and please wear a mask.

6. You can create the certificate here www.digilugu.ee and then print it out or download to Your phone. More specific instructions You can find from https://www.tehik.ee/el-covid-toendite-loomise-juhend