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When coming to the cinema, please…
bring a good mood with you;
do not bring along any food and drink purchased outside the cinema;
do not bring along any glass containers;
do not carry weapons and firearms or other self-defense equipment;
do not bring pets.
In the cinema, please…
be aware that the building has video surveillance;
do not set a bad example for children and do not smoke (including e-cigarettes) or use other prohibited substances;
do not take pictures or film without the consent of the cinema;
do not skateboard, roller skate, cycle or ride any other equipment that may disturb pedestrians or endanger children.
To access and enjoy the movie:
Get a valid movie ticket to watch one movie.
mute your phone;
let your fellow visitors enjoy the movie without interruption.
leave the property and equipment of the cinema intact;
In the case of a 3D show, you will receive the 3D glasses when entering the hall, and in the event of faulty 3D glasses, you can replace them at the entrance of the hall.
When the movie has ended:
make sure that your personal belongings are still with you;
you can exit the building through the stairwell to the yard or return to the lobby;
you can use the restrooms in the lobby;
after the 3D movie experience, please return the 3D glasses to the designated location.
Do not mind if:
a cinema employee will ask you for a photo document in case of an age-restricted movie or when purchasing discount tickets.
You will not be sold a ticket if there exists an age restriction and you are underage;
we do not serve any person who has obvious signs of intoxication, has used other drugs or violates public order;
persons who violate public order are kindly requested to leave the building, whereas the ticket will not be refunded. In the case of a more serious offense, we may hold the person in custody until the arrival of the police;
for reasons beyond the control of the cinema, tickets shall not be repurchased or exchanged;
a cinema employee might ask you to put on more clothes in addition to beachwear;
the cinema refuses to serve you because you have not adhered to our rules in the past.
The cinema recommends:
for a more enjoyable cinema experience, purchase your favorite beverage, fresh popcorn sweet snack from our product cinema and take it to the hall;
join the Cinema Club to receive a discount;
do not to bring babies with you to the cinema because loud noises can be detrimental to their health and frighten them, and will certainly cause concern for other audience members;
cinema visitors should immediately contact a cinema employee and inform them of the persons in the theater who are spoiling the cinema experience for other cinema visitors.
Wishing you a great experience
Your Cinema