Hobujaama 5, Tallinn

Opening hours: 11:45 AM until 15 minutes after the last screening starts.

Coca Cola Plaza is situated in the centre of Estonian capital Tallinn in the close vicinity of Viru Hotel behing the Post Office. The entrances to the multiplex are situated in Hobujaama Street and Mere Boulevard. In case you come to the movies by car, you can access the movie theatre from Ahtri Street.

The underground garage under the cinema has 40 parking spaces and is opened every day 8:00-23.00.

Parking fee:
3,60 €/1h
0,90 € for each 15 minutes

Viru Centre Parking House (Viru väljak 4/6)

     The car park is open 24h, entry from Narva Road.

     With Coca-Cola Plaza cinema ticket, parking for 3 hours in the Viru Centre Parking House, on the day of the screening, costs only 3 euros!  In case of parking longer, the standard price will be applied from 4th hour (every started 30 minutes costs 1€).

     To get the discount, you have to start mobile parking – zone VIRU. Send message to number 1902 or use mobile application, Autlo or Barking. After that, just enter the car number to the terminal in the cinema. Fast and handy!

     Payment for parking must start after parking.


     For more information, please contact us by phone 6 511 515 or email

Europark parking lots

Parking in Rotermann Centre (Rotermanni 5): 
The parking lot is opened 24 h a day. The entrance is from Ahtri Street.

Mere pst 6/8 parking area EP6
The parking lot is opened 24 h a day. The entrance is from Ahtri Street or from Mere boulevard.

If you have any questions, please call on phone number +372 661 0223.