Luxe auditoriums

LUXE, a new star amongst cinema auditoriums has arrived!

The first LUXE concept cinema auditorium in the Baltic States is now open in Coca-Cola Plaza cinema. LUXE cinema auditoriums are a trademark Odeon Group, the owner of Forum Cinemas, and they offer extra convenience with especially high-quality sound and images. The entire auditorium is also equipped with extremely comfortable recliner seats to make any cinema visit extra special.

New recliner seats offer exceptional comfort, which should please even the most demanding cinema fan. Cinemagoers can adjust the new seats and enjoy the film in any position, whichever they prefer.

  • LUXE auditorium number 3, with 63 seats
  • LUXE auditorium number 4, with 61 seats
  • LUXE auditorium number 5, with 82 seats