Cinema Coca-Cola Plaza



Coca-Cola Plaza is the first entertainment complex in Estonia that is built just for movie screenings. The complex has 11 movie auditoriums and it has been a leader and a pioneer in the local cinema field since 2001. This applies both to our content and structure since we have put a huge emphasis on the diversity of movie choices, special programmes, and on high-quality and convenient movie experiences. 


In addition to the greatest movie hits and different movie genres, our programme also includes 3D-movies, opera performances by the Metropolitan Opera, live performances of drama acts by the London National Theatre, ballet productions, concert films of the world’s greatest musicians, and even the biggest sport transmissions.


All together, there are 1726 seats in our movie auditoriums, in which highly valued digital 3D-technology is in use. All the movie auditoriums are equipped with world class audio systems and the most comfortable seats. For an even greater comfort, the LUXE auditoriums are furnished with only reclining chairs and A. Le. Coq Suite offers a unique exclusivity - a service in the movie auditorium.



You can also rent our A. Le. Coq Suite for birthdays, presentations, private sessions, conferences, and other events. In addition, this Suite has a bar with a rich selection. 
For a fuller meal in out entertainment complex, you can visit restaurant Basiilik or grab a healthy wrap or a smoothie from Hot’n’Fresh and enjoy it in the movie auditorium. The candy store Suhkrusüda offers all kinds of snacks and drinks with combinations of sweet and salty popcorn, nachos, and a whole wall full of different candies.


Once our cinema visitors have passed the ticket gate, they can also purchase snacks of their liking from our II floor popcorn and soda checkout.


Buying movie tickets - in addition to the regular checkout counters, you can also buy movie tickets from the Internet or through your smartphone. Beside to our homepage, you can see free seats in real-time in our Forum Cinemas app (iOS, Android), and choose a seat of your choice when purchasing a ticket.


Estonia’s first multiplex-cinema Coca-Cola Plaza opening ceremony took place on March 10, 2001. The official opening movie was Robert Zemeckis’ drama “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks in the leading role. At the time of the opening, Coca-Cola Plaza was the most modern cinema in Scandinavia. Due to constant improvements, our cinema is still a leader, a pioneer, and a developer of movie culture. In 2007, our visitor toll crossed a magical 1 million in ticket sales in a year.

See you at the movies!


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