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In-house Rules And Regulation For The Visitors Of Cinema Centrum

When you come to the cinema, please…
bring a good mood;
do not bring any food or drinks purchased outside of the cinema;
do not bring any glass packaging;
do not bring sidearms or firearms or other self-defence equipment;
do not bring pets along.

In the cinema, please…
be aware that there are surveillance cameras in the building;
do not show a bad example for children and smoke (including e-cigarettes) or consume other prohibited substances;
do not take photos or film without the consent of the cinema.
In order to gain entry to the cinema auditorium and enjoy the film better:
obtain a valid cinema ticket which can be used to watch one film;
mute your phone;
allow other cinema goes to enjoy the film undisturbed;
leave the property and furniture of the cinema intact;
in case of a 3D session, customers can purchase a pair of 3D glasses from the ticket booth or use previously purchased 3D glasses.

When the film ends:
make sure that your personal belongings are still with you;
you can exit the building by going outside through the staircase or return to the foyer;
you can go to the toilet in the foyer.

Do not complain if:
an employee of the cinema asks you to present a document containing a photograph which certifies your age in the case of a film with an age restriction of in the case of buying discounted tickets;
you are not sold a ticket due to the age restriction applied to the film;
we refuse from serving a person with obvious signs of intoxication, a person who has consumed other narcotics or a person violating public order;
we ask persons who have violated public order to leave the building without returning their ticket money. In the case of a more serious violation of the house rules, we may detain the person until the police arrive;
the tickets are not bought back or exchanged due to a reason independent from the cinema;
an employee of the cinema asks you to put on more clothes in addition to beachwear;
the cinema refuses to serve you, because you have failed to follow our house rules in the past.
The cinema recommends:
in order to ensure a more enjoyable cinema experience, take your favourite drink, fresh popcorn and a sweet snack with you from our product selection;
in order to get discounts, join the cinema club (www.forumcinemas.ee);
do not take babies to cinema sessions, because the laud noise may have a detrimental effect on their health and spook them and is certain to make other cinema-goers concerned about them;
cinema-goers should immediately contact employees of the cinema and notify them of any persons present at the session who are spoiling the experience for other cinema-goers.

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