Under 12 Not Recommended
CINEMA CLASSICS: Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting
From highly acclaimed director Gus Van Sant this triumphant story was nominated for 9 Academy Awards - winning Oscars for Robin Williams and hot newcomers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and also features nominee Minnie Driver. Will Hunting (Damon) is a headstrong, working-class genius.
Release Date: 7.08.2019, Length: 2h 06 min
Genres: Drama, romance
Gus Van Sant
Under 16 Not Allowed
Long Shot
Long Shot
He’s a hard-hitting political writer with a talent for trouble. She’s the country’s top diplomat with a talent for...well, everything.
Release Date: 3.05.2019, Length: 2h 05 min
Genres: Comedy, romance
Jonathan Levine